Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Grant Requirements

What are the grant requirements?

Grant projects should support the vision and goals of the UC Davis Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.  Proposed projects should be new to the campus or significantly transform existing programs/projects to align with the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. Such projects might:

  • Broaden and deepen critical awareness, knowledge, curricula, or build skills related to matters of diversity and inclusion;
  • Result in a new public art project or mural on campus;
  • Build and maintain an inclusive campus community;
  • Support and “live” the UC Davis Principles of Community;
  • Enhance retention and persistence for underrepresented student groups;
  • Develop a resource, program, or process that may be targeted for one campus area or office and be shared with the whole campus;
  • Transform an existing program, resource, pedagogy, or process to emphasize diversity and inclusion;
  • Enhance the pipeline to UC Davis for diverse prospective students, staff and faculty;
  • Enhance the patient experience and services at the UCD Health System; 
  • Support professional development for a group/department/office; or
  • Support travel to present at or attend conferences or meetings with a focus on topics relating to diversity and inclusion.

In developing your proposal, please keep in mind that:

  • Projects should be implemented and completed during the 2017 calendar year—that is, projects should be complete by December 31, 2017. (Exceptions can be made for programs that must coincide with the 17-18 academic year.)
  • Projects should have specific, measurable goals that can be mapped onto the Campus Diversity Plan’s themes and goals. Proposals should build in evaluation tools or metrics of success to assess the impact of the project or program.
  • Projects should be open to the whole campus community and/or contribute to the University’s diversity and inclusion efforts.