Workshop Schedule

Eight workshops are offered in the morning, following the panel discussion, and seven workshops are offered in the afternoon.

Morning Workshops (11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

  • AM 1 – Dr. Jazz Kaur
    Emotionally Intelligent Urban Principals
  • AM 2 – Mr. Darryl White
    Inequitable Grading Practices
  • AM 3 – Mr. Ron Cooper & Mrs. Kindra Montgomery-Block
    Youth Media
  • AM 4 – Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia and partners
    From the community to the classroom
  • AM 5 – Dr. James Thrasher
    Unconscious Bias: Is It Real?
  • AM 6 – Dr. Edgar Lampkin
    Differential Treatment of Youth of Color in the Justice System
  • AM 7 – Yesenia, Orlando, Carmen, Cirilo, Luis, Sumer, Daniela, & Kay
    Transforming Graduate Education through a Performance-Based Innovation
  • AM 8 – Dr. Vajra Watson
    White “supremacy” and me: the making and breaking of race(ism)

Afternoon Workshops (1:15-2:30 p.m.)

  • PM 1 – Joslyn Vanderpool & Anita Royston
    Social Justice in the realm of Social Reality
  • PM 2 – Chanda/ESPINO
    Community Mobilizing to dismantle the school to prison pipeline
  • PM 3 – Dr. Michele Hamilton
    Restorative Justice: Slowing the Flow of the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • PM 4 – Jason Mateo, Amaya Noguera, and SAYS Poet-Mentor Educators
    SAYSomething: Culturally Relevant Write Now!
  • PM 5 – Kay Holmes
    Teacher: Where are all of the California Indians?
  • PM 6 – Shannon Pella
    A Collaborative Inquiry Into Middle School Writing Instruction; Toward and Equity Writing Pedagogy
  • PM 7 – Dr. Debbie Ward and Dr. Dian Baker
    Linking Health and Education to Foster Equity