Second Annual Equity Summit

Jeannie Oakes

Jeannie Oakes

Keynote: Jeannie Oakes

At the Second Annual Equity Summit in April 2011, Jeannie Oakes was the keynote speaker and spoke about, "Educational Justice and College for All: New Reforms, An Old Dilemma, and An “Obvious” Solution." Download her presentation.

Presenters and Workshops

The Equity Summit will include two sets of workshops centered around the themes of power, policy and pedagogy. Here we include the presenters and workshop titles. Download the 2011 program.

  • Sergio Cuellar
    The Campaign for Quality Education
  • Sammy Nunez
    Healing the Hood: Changing the Odds
  • Dr. Kadhir Raja
    Create Success: Unlocking Potential of Urban Youth
  • Sandy Holman
    Race, Reading, and Power to the People
  • Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding
    Reducing Bias and Decision Making
  • Dr. Margarita Berta-Avila and Dr. Karie Mize
    The Critical Pedagogy Framework: Discussing Arizona & Other Hop Topics Through One’s Curriculum
  • Stephanie Francis and Edith Crawford
    Using extraORDINARY stories to Inspire and Empower Students
  • Amaya Noguera and SAYS Poet-Mentor Educators
    Know Your Writes: Hip-Hop Literacy, Leadership, and Empowerment
  • Ashley Powers Clark (switched room location!)
    Images and Identities: Examining Educational Opportunities for Immigrant and Refugee Youth through Participatory Photography
  • Dr. Jann Murray Garcia and Dr. Vajra Watson
    Education as a Matter of Life or Death: A Health Perspective on Schooling and Social Justice
  • Dr. Lisa William-White
    Spoken Word Poetry as Radical “Literocratic” Research in the Acadmey
  • Cory Jones and Billy Aydlett
    Equity Work at Jedediah Smith, a Superintendent’s Priority School in the Sacramento City Unified School District
  • Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding
    Reducing Bias and Decision Making
  • Dr. Viki Montera
    Democratic Assessment as Advocacy