1st of Many

Miguel posing with his campaign poster

Miguel posing with his campaign poster

The 1st of Many campaign encourages EOP (Education Opportunity Program) students to embrace the exciting firsts in their lives, and in many cases, their families’ lives. From being the first to attend college, the first to pursue a postsecondary degree or the first to achieve another milestone – students are empowered to document their unique stories and mark the occasions as the #1stofmany.

Engineering major and EOP student, Miguel Dominguez-Diaz, explained that it was important for him to share his 1st of Many experience because there are many first-generation students who feel it’s a disadvantage.

“There is a sense of shame of letting others know that your parents did not attend college, or that you may struggle a bit more just to do as well as the average student at UC Davis,” he said. “My hope is that through the 1st of Many series, students will empower themselves to think above those boundaries, and realize that even as the first in their family to attend college they have worked hard to be on the UC Davis campus.”

Miguel also shared that EOP has provided a “home away from home” experience. He names his supporters, mentors and advisors at EOP, the Guardian Scholars Program and the College of Engineering as the “backbone” of his success, calling it a true team effort.