Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) Designation Aspiration

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University of California, Davis, aspires to become a designated Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) by fall 2018-19. HSI designation provides the university opportunities for federal grant funding that supports a variety of programs aimed at student success.  To be eligible for HSI designation by the U.S. Department of Education, our undergraduate student body must be at least 25 percent Hispanic. 

The White House recently proclaimed the third week of September as “National Hispanic Serving Institutions week,” stating the need to “unlock the full talents and potential of every student.” With California’s quickly growing Hispanic population now at 39 percent, and more than 50 percent of K-12 students from Hispanic backgrounds, we are acutely aware of this imperative. UC Davis is well under way to fulfilling HSI designation eligibility by providing greater access and opportunity. In the California Community College system, 38.9 percent of the students in 2012-13 are Hispanic. In spring 2014, UC Davis’ undergraduate Hispanic population was 18.5 percent of the student body and the percentage rate is projected to continue growing.

The purpose of the site is to inform and educate stakeholders about the campus’ progress at becoming an HSI-designated campus.  The intent is to submit a Title V: Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions grant proposal in winter 2019 for a five-year award to support undergraduate degree-attainment.