Strategic Planning

Mrak Hall is where the Student Affairs vice chancellor's office is located.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Division of Student Affairs strategic planning process.

The chancellor's Vision of Excellence is a comprehensive call to action for all of UC Davis. Our strategic plan must be in direct alignment with this vision, yet also provide a framework that is uniquely representative of the division's values and priorities.

As we begin this process during a time of transition for our division, our goal is to position ourselves in a manner that will best enable the division to:

  • Serve the emerging needs of our students over the next several years.
  • Enable staff in the division to create strategic initiatives that are responsive to both the chancellor's Vision of Excellence and our values as a division.
  • Prepare foundational documents for the incoming vice chancellor, and other senior leaders in the division, to build upon.

The purpose of this website is to ensure a transparent process and facilitate active participation by students, faculty and staff. As such, during the next several months, we will utilize a variety of feedback mechanisms and provide numerous opportunities for involvement through activities such as information gathering, retreats, input on planning documents, etc. You will also see links to the various documents that we are reviewing, as well as agendas and meeting notes.

In support of our divisionwide strategic planning process, we invite you to review the final draft of our Strategic Plan.


UC Davis Student Affairs Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Please take advantage of this exciting opportunity to shape the future of the Division of Student Affairs. We welcome your input; please email us at