Stay Day Conference 2014

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Stay Day Conference
August 19, 2015

Registration for Stay Day 2015 is now closed. If you have questions about the registration process please contact Brittany Derieg or Avaeta Ahluwalia.

Stay Day 2015 Schedule

Workshop Descriptions

Check-in: 8 a.m., Welcome Center
Program: Until 4 p.m., Conference Center and Welcome Center

Open to UC Davis staff
Hosted by Student Affairs

What is Stay Day?

Hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, Stay Day is a free one-day conference for UC Davis staff who work directly with students. Through a combination of workshops, poster sessions, collaborative discussion, and student panels, participants engage in a collective conversation about the evolving needs of our students. The aim of the conference is to enhance the UC Davis student experience by facilitating communication and collaboration among student service staff on campus. The conference is structured to maximize opportunities to network and share innovations, activities, frameworks, tools, strategies, research, theory and initiatives that will help inform our understanding of and ability to support students.

Who can attend?

UC Davis Staff who work directly with students, provide behind-the-scenes services in support of students, or are simply eager to learn more about the best practices strategies and research being developed on campus. Offices in the Division of Student Affairs have permission to be closed for the day so that their staff may attend this event.