Principles of Community Awards 2018

In recognition of registered student organizations committed to fostering the Principles of Community at UC Davis and that seek to implement activities or programs that exemplify and promote the Principles of Community throughout the student community. The award is presented by the Office of Campus Community Relations in partnership with the Student Assistants to the Chancellor.

Platinum - Bayanihan Clinic

Bayanihan Clinic

Bayanihan Clinic is the recipient of the Platinum-level Award for their work with the Inter-Clinic Wellness Fair. The Inter-Clinic Wellness Fair is a collaborative program between the student-run clinics at UC Davis. This event is driven by volunteers from the clinics and includes undergraduate students, medical students, physicians and community members. The Inter-Clinic Wellness Fair brought together patients from the culturally diverse clinics as well as community members to address local health needs while also bringing awareness to the stigma around mental health. This fair helped to build a stronger support system between the clinics and highlighted the mental health services available for the vulnerable populations of the Sacramento community.

Gold - Davis Women in Business

Davis Women in Business

Davis Women in Business is the recipient of the Gold-level Award for their work on the “Own It” Women’s Leadership Summit.  The Women’s Leadership Summit is designed to foster and encourage young women at UC Davis and in the surrounding community to pursue their educational and entrepreneurial dreams. At the leadership summit, professional women who work in business, STEM or related fields talk about their journey and offer advice to young women on how to be successful in what is traditionally perceived as male-dominated fields. This event empowers and inspires women to take charge of their education and, to reach the heights of their respective fields by embracing diversity and inclusion as a strength.

Bronze - Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is the recipient of the Bronze-level Award for their work in creating a more equitable world through a variety of service projects in the U.S. and abroad. The club empowers students to apply the knowledge they learn in classes to solve difficult problems in the U.S. and developing communities. Students have implemented water resource, sanitation, and educational projects in Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia, Uganda, Guatemala, and Winters, California. For example, last summer students spent time working in Peru where they not only doubled the supply of water to a community of 1,400 people, but also spent time teaching children in schools about the importance of water.  And they helped to beautify the school by painting a mural.  Engineers Without Borders also participates with other campus organizations.