How do I succeed academically?

Visit the Student Academic Success Center

2205 Dutton Hall

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) would like to invite all students to make the center part of their academic experience.

The SASC has something for every student. Whether students with lower grades want to raise their GPA, or 4.0 students want to keep it that way, the SASC encourages students from all majors to use the free academic support services in biology, chemistry, math, physics, statistics, English as a second language and writing.

Students can choose the services that work best with their schedules and learning style. We provide academic support through workshops, drop-in, office hours, and appointments. Students can use services for one-time assistance or weekly.

Math/science tutors provide tutoring sessions in the evenings and drop-in services during the day. Students can walk in and stay until they have finished studying or have their questions answered. Writing tutors are also available during the day for students who need assistance in any writing assignment.

We know some students prefer the larger, lecture-style workshops and some students like a smaller work environment. Thus, SASC writing specialists offer workshops, same-day, and advanced appointments for any student in any class. The math/science specialists in the SASC offer larger workshops, and provide office hours and drop-in academic support.

Student Comments:

"Best tutor I have ever had. She is very patient and really knows the subject matter. She gets us engaged by asking us questions and letting everyone answer. She is very friendly and speaks clearly."—BIS 2B tutoring session

"My tutor was awesome and very helpful. He helped me understand everything so much better so that I could not only complete all of my problems, but also understand the 'why.' I would recommend him to everyone."—Math 17A tutoring session

"I recently received consultation from a writing specialist at the SASC. Her help was phenomenal. She was patient, professional and extremely creative. The SASC is absolutely a vital center in a UC Campus that is proud of its diverse community."—UC Davis student, writing same-day service

"I was going to give up, but she wouldn't let me and now I'm going to pass."—UC Davis student, math workshop

"I felt like I wasn't just memorizing for the test, I was actually learning the material."—UC Davis student, chemistry workshop