Submit an Event

Please use the form below to propose a new event for the Student Life section of the UC Davis Academic and Events Calendar. Submissions are reviewed by Student Affairs Marketing and Communications staff and must be:

  • Open to current UC Davis students.
  • Sponsored or submitted by a UC Davis department.

To avoid duplication, please indicate in the "organizer notes" field if your event has already been entered into the UC Davis Academic and Events Calendar (or section of the calendar). We can try to link back to the original/existing calendar submission.

We may edit your submission to align with the UC Davis editorial style guide or to optimize calendar functionality.

NOTE: We are working with ASUCD, Center for Student Involvement, and Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life to determine an approach for student-sponsored events. At this time, we are not accepting student-sponsored events.

Internal comments about your event can be left in organizer notes field, which is not published publically on the calendar.

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