Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Strategic Planning Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

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Chancellor Linda Katehi appointed a senior-level committee in 2014 to develop a strategic plan on Diversity and Inclusion for the 20/20 Initiative and the UC Davis 21st Century visioning project. The plan is anticipated to be completed by June 2016.

Under the leadership of Professor Suad Joseph, distinguished professor and faculty adviser to the chancellor, the committee set a strong foundation for the planning process. In July 2015, the chancellor renewed her commitment to diversity and inclusion by expanding the role of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Adela de la Torre to include diversity. Vice Chancellor de la Torre assumed leadership of the strategic planning committee in October 2015.

Working extensively with faculty, students, staff and the community the committee will articulate the goals and strategies that will guide UC Davis into the future to create an environment where all members of the campus community have an opportunity to be creative and productive, and to work, study and learn in a way that allows all to reach their full potential.  The plan will move the university towards its goal of inclusive excellence as an institution of higher education. 

Comments and Ideas

Ideas and proposals can be submitted electronically via the dedicated email address: diversityinclusion@ucdavis.edu

News and Updates

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Additional Information

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