2017 UC Davis Equity Summit

Social Justice Awards

Who inspires you? Nominate someone for a social justice award! Nominations will be accepted until midnight on February 14, 2017, in the following categories:

  • Embodying Equity and Diversity: Awarded to individuals who are committed to social justice personally and professionally. They have transcended multiculturalism as a career and leveraged it into a grander service to humanity. This person is a courageous, visionary leader.
  • Inspiring Social Change: Awarded to individuals who typically work behind-the-scenes, doing the daily heart-work of leaving this world better then they found it. This person is a warrior of love and justice and is unapologetic in their quest to improve the world.
  • Engaging Scholarship and Activism: Awarded to individuals who transcend borders between community and the academy. For this individual, research is in service of social justice. Their work is accessible to multiple stakeholders and they leverage knowledge to engage, educate, and empower.
  • Seeding Improvements in Education Policy and Practice: Awarded to individuals who understand systems and maneuver strategically as an ally and advocate for marginalized groups. By developing polices and practices based upon an equitable worldview, this person is an architect of the future.

Nominees should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Individuals must be widely recognized as transformative leaders, scholars, healers, teachers and/or organizers who are held in high esteem by colleagues/students.
  • Individuals must have made a significant contribution to equity and social justice, whether in policy, practice or pedagogy.
  • Individuals must show evidence of socially responsible, ethical and outstanding community engagement, either in specific positions of responsibility or while involved in organizing activities. 

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