Capital Projects

As you walk around campus, you likely see quite a few buildings under construction. Many of them are considered capital projects, and you may have questions about them. What is a capital project? Which programs will be housed in the buildings? How are the facilities funded? Why does construction continue during a time of recession? Can I become involved in the planning of capital projects? For answers, visit the Capital Project FAQs page. While this section of the Student Affairs website highlights student facilities, there are links to campus resources that address instructional and research facilities as well.

The Division of Student Affairs is entrusted with managing numerous student facilities and physical environments. In all, Student Affairs manages 1.9 million square feet or 20 percent of the total university space (excluding the Medical Center) and many acres of outdoor space. The pie chart below shows the wide variety of student spaces managed by the Division.

Our Division is continually in a process of renewing its facilities to meet growth in the campus population, better serve the changing programmatic needs of the students and improve safety. Recently completed capital projects include the new Student Community Center and a new residence hall. Take a look through our gallery of photos and click on tabs for more information about recently completed and upcoming capital projects.

If you find that you want additional information after looking at the website, please contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs at 530-752-2416.