Adams Award for Leadership in a Student Organization

Shah Steiner, recipient of the 2017 Adams Award.

In honor of Ted Adams, former director of the UC Davis Student Programs and Activities Center, who wished to recognize student leaders, this award honors individual leadership and accomplishment within registered student organizations. The Adams Award is presented annually by the Center for Student Involvement to a leader of a registered student organization who has effectively directed or influenced the student organization, campus and/or wider community.

Nominations launch on February 1 and close Friday, March 16 at 11:59 p.m. Self-nominations are encouraged.

  • The recipient of the Adams Award for Leadership in a Student Organization will receive $250.00.
  • Selection Criteria and Nominee/Applicant Requirements:
    • Must be a currently registered undergraduate or graduate student and member of a currently registered student organization at UC Davis in good standing.
    • Must be an identified officer or leader of a registered student organization for at least two quarters within the current academic year.
    • Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA at end of fall quarter 2017.
  • Application Process
    • Applications may be submitted by self-nomination or nomination by other members of the organization.
    • An essay (typed, double-spaced, two pages maximum) must be included in the nomination. The essay should describe how this student leader has effectively directed and/or influenced this student organization, its activities, the campus and/or the wider community and demonstrated a commitment to equity and inclusion. Please include a description of what the student accomplished and why their efforts and skills are deserving of this award.