Principles of Community Awards for Registered Student Clubs and Organizations

Our Award Program

The Office of Campus Community Relations, in partnership with the Student Assistants to the Chancellor, invites all registered student clubs or organizations to apply for the 2017 Principles of Community Awards.

Four applicants will receive a grant award to implement a service project or program:

Platinum Award One awarded $1,000
Gold Award One awarded $700
Silver Award One awarded $500
Bronze Award One awarded $300

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus community by challenging UC Davis students to “live our Principles of Community.” These grants provide funding for registered student organizations committed to fostering the Principles of Community (POC) at UC Davis. The goal of the grants is to encourage student organizations to develop and implement projects and programs that exemplify and promote the POC throughout the student community. Grant recipients must execute projects/programs during winter or spring quarter 2017.

  • Activities/programs must be implemented during winter or spring quarter 2017
  • Note that if your club or student organization hasn't recently thought about Principles of Community, this is the perfect time to begin!


Any student club or organization currently registered with the UC Davis Center for Student Involvement (CSI) may apply.

Application Instructions

The application deadline is March 3, 2017.

The application requires a detailed 500-word, written proposal of the Principles of Community inspired activity, project or program that your club or organization plans to implement. It is recommended that this portion of the application be completed at the club/organization general meeting in order to maximize member participation and input.

Award recipients will be notified by March 10, 2017.

Application Selection and Review

The Selection Committee will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  • Ability of activity/event to be integrated into the larger student body
  • Impact of applicants’ contribution to increasing understanding of the role of diversity and inclusion in education and/or our daily lives
  • Service and commitment toward building positive and enduring campus and local community relationships
  • Ability to collaborate with other student clubs or organizations to present diversity and community-related activities/events

Awardee Responsibilities

Thirty days after the activity, project or program is completed, a final report (250 words maximum) describing the event and accomplishments as it relates to the Principles of Community

Note: The selection committee is available to assist in planning and support of the project (if desired)

Award Ceremony

Award recipients will be invited to the 2017 UC Davis Outstanding Student Awards (attendance limited to four students from each organization) ceremony scheduled for May 15, 2017, at UC Davis.

The Principles of Community

The Principles of Community are publicized broadly in a variety of contexts including the UC Davis General Catalog, student organization registration materials, student and staff employee training and conflict resolution responses. The Principles serve as a broad and inclusive statement of expected behavior. Further, they reinforce the university setting as an open and fair marketplace of ideas. The Principles are not law or policy but a basis to form a shared vision of our campus community.