Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award

Brandi Lohr, recipient of the 2016 Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award.

Jessica Jones, recipient of the 2017 Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award.

The Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award honors the graduating woman believed to be the most outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, integrity and service in the campus community. The award was established in 1942 to memorialize the achievements of Mary Jeanne Gilhooly, recognized as an "unofficial goodwill ambassador to every prospective Aggie."

  • The recipient of the Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award will receive $1,000.00.
  • Selection Criteria and Nominee/Applicant Requirements:
    • A student's overall contribution to the campus and community is the primary criterion considered. Nominees should be widely recognized as leaders held in high esteem by other students. They must have made a significant contribution through participation in campus or community service. Evidence of socially responsible, ethical and outstanding leadership either in specific positions of responsibility or while engaged in service activities are indicators of a nominee's qualifications for the award. Self-nominations are acceptable.
    • Must graduate by the end of Summer Sessions.
    • Must have attended UC Davis for at least two academic years.
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and not be on academic probation at end of fall quarter.

Past Recipients

2018 Nisha Marwaha
2017 Jessica Jones
2016 Brandi Lohr
2015 Tara Storm
2014 Jessica Liu
2013 L. Carolina
2012 Habiba Hashimi
2011 Shauna Madison
2010 Kaitlin Gregg
2009 Amira Zaid
2008 Chelsea Hertzog
2007 enita A. Katir
2006 Kirstin M. Woody
2005 Jennifer L. Owens
2004 Donnielle J. Robinson
2003 Beena Kazi
2002 Huma Javed
2001 Elizabeth Rose Middleton
2000 Kao Vang
1999 Lisa Marie Lapeyrouse
1998 June Kolander
1997 Heather Katherine Guthrie
1996 Shirley Sperry
1995 Mary Ann Richards
1994 Tamiko Robin Katsumo
1993 Christina Kirk and Erin Braddock
199 Elicia Marsh
1991 Beatriz Henriquez
199 Deborah M. Alire
1989 Renee Alisa Armstrong
1988 Susan Lautze
1987 Colette Pozzo and Pamela Anna Fox
1986 Janice Caryl Eberly
1985 Mary Katherine Albiani
1984 Virginia Anne Mellema
1983 Rebecca L. Kuga
1982 Mary Melissa French
1981 Nancy Diane Yamaguchi
1980 Erin Deirdre Sweezy
1979 Amy Ramage Lyman
1978 Debbie Suzanne Lehr
1977 Jeanne Marie Reese
1976 Lynn Ann Hill and Alice Marie Scott
1975 Bonnie Kay McNeil and Sheryl Falstein
1974 Linda Jennifer Fujimoto
1973 Maureen Elizabeth McNulty
1972 Sarah Joan Woerner
1971 Carolyn Frazee
1970 Stephanie A. Shanahan
1969 Carola A. Hogan
1968 Elizabeth A. Sederquist
1967 Cristy A. Jensen
1966 Carole L. Hahn