Veloyce Glenn Winslow Jr. Award

Raumin Neuville, recipient of the 2017 Veloyce Glenn Winslow Award.

Raumin Neuville, recipient of the 2017 Veloyce Glenn Winslow Award.

The Veloyce Glenn Winslow, Jr. Award honors the graduating man believed to be the most outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, integrity and service in the campus community. This award was established in 1966 to memorialize the achievements of Veloyce Glenn Winslow, Jr., who died while serving as vice president of the student body at UC Davis.

  • The recipient of the Veloyce Glenn Winslow Jr. Award will receive $1,000.00.
  • Selection Criteria and Nominee/Applicant Requirements:
    • A student's overall contribution to the campus and community is the primary criterion considered. Nominees should be widely recognized as leaders held in high esteem by other students. They must have made a significant contribution through participation in campus or community service. Evidence of socially responsible, ethical and outstanding leadership either in specific positions of responsibility or while engaged in service activities are indicators of a nominee's qualifications for the award. Self-nominations are acceptable.
    • Must graduate by the end of Summer Sessions.
    • Must have attended UC Davis for at least two academic years.
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and not be on academic probation at end of fall quarter.

Past Recipients

2018 Connor Grant
2017 Raumin Neuville
2016 David Belcher
2015 Patrick Ma
2014 David Kielsmeier
2013 Asadullah Awan
2012 Devvrat Malhotra
2011 Don Ho
2010 Jerome Chelliah
2009 Ivan Carillo
2008 Matthew Engle
2007 Matthew Siri
2006 Avanindar P. Singh
2005 Christopher Jones
2004 Kyle D. Smith
2003 Chad Sterling
2002 Patrick Sukeforth
2001 Edgar Chen
2000 Noah Cuttler
1999 Rafael Yaquian
1998 Thomas Duncan
1997 Todd Feinberg
1996 Aaron Carruthers and Neil S. Tilley
1995 Ryan J. Jones
1994 Matthew R. Jones
1993 Javier Avitia
1992 Juan Alvalos & Edward Huynh
1991 Thomas Anthony Klipfel
1990 Anthony C. Williams
1989 Michael Meads
1988 Jonathan Nicolas
1987 Kevin Todd Christian
1986 Robert Neal Hagenau
1985 James Robert Depolo
1984 Darryl C. Hunter
1983 Lehman Benson III
1982 Richard Sherman Taylor
1981 John William Statton
1980 Patrick Scott Coleman
1979 Edward Louis Meier and John David Chute
1978 Brian Sean Curry
1977 Mark Tetsumi Noguchi
1976 Joseph Sullivan and Thomas J. Tierny
1975 Kenneth Ross Levy
1974 Herbert Irwin Levy
1973 Thomas Olin Kesinger
1972 Kevin Michael Bacon
1971 David Royce Hubin
1970 Arthur William Dunkley
1969 John Hamilton Hodgson
1968 Patrick Michael Kneady
1967 Michael Hall Montgomery
1966 Edward Permin Everett