University Religious Council

The University Religious Council is the campus's official connection between the UC Davis administration and a vast array of spiritual and ethical organizations and leaders both on campus and in the wider Davis community.

UC Davis does not establish any religion or non-religion and seeks to provide free exercise for people of all faiths and no faith on campus. This is consistent with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the university's status as a public land grant institution.

We recognize that spirituality and ethics are vital to the diverse identities of students, faculty, staff, alumni and families. As such, the campus seeks to remain connected to our spiritual and ethical leaders and organizations in recognition of their importance as community resources.

Our campus community is enriched by the many spiritual and ethical organizations on campus and in the Davis community. We embrace the countless opportunities they provide for learning, counseling, service, justice and community life. We also recognize that worship, prayer, meditation, retreats, rites, rituals and holiday observances are important to many people on campus.

The following organizations have chosen to be members of the University Religious Council and have consented to a Statement of Understanding Regarding Roles, Relationships, and Provision of Services. This is not a complete listing of all of the spiritual and ethical organizations on campus or in Davis. Organizations wishing to join the University Religious Council should contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at 530-752-8787.