Student Community Center

The Student Community Center is home to resources that help students connect with and create community.

The Student Community Center (SCC), located in central campus, is home to dynamic student life centers and academic services at UC Davis. The SCC fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all visitors. The building features more than 4,800 square feet of event space, including a multi-purpose room, five meeting rooms, and two adjacent patios.

AB540 and Undocumented Student Center

Built on the foundation of educational equity and opportunity, the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis strives to empower undocumented students, their families and members of the community in being informed leaders and active participants in our communities. The center strives to educate and build awareness of changing policies affecting California's undocumented population. We acknowledge that immigration status is one aspect of an individual’s identity that does not solely define a person or their capacity. We promote a holistic approach to recruitment and retention of students in higher education, taking into account a student’s mental, emotional, and financial well-being. Visit our website and come by to say "hi"!

Cross Cultural Center

The Cross Cultural Center is a student-centered safe space that works in collaboration with a team of students, professionals, student organizations and community partners.  We provide interactive programs and develop spaces for meaningful dialogues for all people, implement programs and services that foster a sense of community and student retention.  As a community center, we strive to contribute to a campus community that is free of sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, xenophobia or any form of oppression and values the history and triumphs of underrepresented, marginalized and underserved communities. We invite you to come study in the center, volunteer for various opportunities and/or take advantage of all we have to offer.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIARC) provides an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. We recognize that this work requires a continued process of understanding and addressing all forms of oppression. We are committed to this process both in our work and in the structure of the Center itself. The LGBTQIA Resource Center promotes education about all sexes, genders and sexualities, as well as space for self-exploration of these identities. The LGBTQIA Resource Center is a dynamic, responsive and collaborative organization that serves UC Davis and the surrounding region by providing a growing spectrum of programs, resources, outreach and advocacy. Inherent in this mission are the values of respect, pride and unity for ALL individuals.

McNair Scholars Program

The UC Davis McNair Scholars Program is a two-year program funded by TRIO and the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to encourage students from groups often underrepresented in graduate programs to pursue doctoral degrees. Eighteen to 20 UC Davis undergraduates and incoming transfer students are selected each year to participate in academic year and summer activities.  

Student Recruitment and Retention Center

The Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) stands for educational equity. Our student-initiated and student-run programs foster holistic academic and personal development while raising political and cultural awareness. We aim to empower students to act as dynamic leaders for their communities. We accept the challenge of creating a society that provides a quality, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive education for students of all backgrounds. Furthermore, we are dedicated to creating an environment of collective action that will work to ensure the perpetuity of academic achievement among future generations.

SRRC services include peer mentoring, academic support, transfer student support, leadership development, self-awareness, community building, K-12 enrichment and funding opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Center

The UR Center assists undergraduates with identifying and pursuing opportunities to get involved in research. Assistance is provided through a variety of mechanisms including workshops, courses and individual consultations. Programs and services are available to all majors and all class levels.

Women’s Resources and Research Center

The Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC) promotes social change toward gender equity by utilizing an intersectional, feminist approach to empower communities. The WRRC offers leadership programs, trainings, and coalition building opportunities with a holistic focus on students’ learning, growth and success that engage the campus community in addressing sexism, genderism, cisgenderism, and other intersectional systems of oppression. The Joy Fergoda Library, at the WRRC, is a 12,000-volume collection focused on women and gender studies for anyone interested in gender research and scholarship. Students, faculty, and staff, can visit the WRRC to learn about gender equity, to connect with community, and to find resources and support. People of all genders are welcomed at the WRRC.

IET Computer Rooms and Media Lab

Computer Lab Management, a unit of IET, provides fully functional media production and classroom spaces that enable faculty and students to incorporate technology in teaching and integrate media projects into their academics. The IET Computer Rooms and Media Lab consists of two computer classrooms, an open access room and the IET Media Lab.

The IET Media Lab provides access to media equipment and software for students, staff and faculty to create their own media projects. The IET Media Lab includes an audio recording room; group video room; dual-screen video stations; document, flatbed and slide scanners; and general media stations.

The open-access computer room provides both Mac and PC quick-access stand-up and sit-down stations for general computing. The two Mac computer classrooms each seat 24 students plus an instructor. The floor-to-ceiling whiteboard wall is retractable, allowing the two rooms to combine into one large 48-seat classroom. Black and white and color printing is available in all rooms.