Student Development Funds

Student-Centered Support funds a variety of student events.

Student Development Funds promotes the development of undergraduate student interaction, and is sponsored on behalf of the vice chancellor for Student Affairs. The funds (subject to stated limitations) may be used to support the cost of a variety of events, all within the scope of the benefit to undergraduate students.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to

Please read the following information carefully before applying.

General Guidelines

  • Online applications must be submitted at least two weeks PRIOR to the event. Only UC Davis undergraduate students may apply.
  • Funds are dedicated to current UC Davis undergraduate students and student organizations.
  • Funds may be used to defer the cost of a variety of events, including meals on campus, at local restaurants, or informal gatherings. Funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages.
  • In order to allow a greater number of undergraduates the benefit of these funds, please do not request these funds for an event that has already been served by other students using these funds.
  • All requests are subject to approval.
  • The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs reserves the right to verify the event with the designated guests.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Undergraduate students and student organizations may apply up to two times per quarter.
  • Students' guests may include other university-associated individuals. 
  • All events must include UC Davis undergraduate students as hosts of the event.
  • The applicant or organization approved must be the person who receives the funding for the event.
  • If applying for an event, an agenda, budget, other outstanding or current sources of possible funding, and list of participants must be included in advance.
  • All funding will be maintained in a unique subaccount with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Ineligible Events and Expenses

Funding will not be awarded in the following situations:

  • Any former applicant who has failed to comply with the guidelines and/or policies in the past. 
  • Will not cover costs for non-UC participants.
  • Multiple applications from the same department for the same event purpose.
  • Gift card expenses will not be reimbursed.