Student Affairs Strategic Planning


With an inspired (and inspiring) institutional strategic plan, To Boldly Go, setting a direction and guiding innovations and initiatives at UC Davis, the Division of Student Affairs is poised to take on a significant leadership role in bringing the University’s goals to life. Creating the ecosystem needed to ensure an educational experience that centers inclusive excellence, strives for equity and prepares students for the challenges of a divisive and changing social and cultural landscape is not only a worthy cause, but also an educational imperative.

Next Step: Implementation Planning Group

Once the comment period has concluded and the Strategic Plan has been finalized, the Implementation Planning Group (IPG) will develop the practical roadmap that will take the Division’s strategic plan from a conceptual plan to a concrete action plan. The four strategic goals and accompanying objectives will be the launching point for that work. Beginning in April 2024 and continuing through December 2024, the IPG will engage regularly to develop, review, revise and finalize action items, or “activities.” 

For each activity, the IPG will:

  • create timelines and sequences;
  • develop action steps;
  • make tentative assignments of responsibility and accountability;
  • define assessment methods and metrics; and
  • identify required resources that will support achievement of the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

IPG Members

  • Amy Shuman, Director, Staff Coaching and Professional Development
  • Asia Valdivia, Senior Executive Analyst, Office of the Vice Chancellor 
  • Cecily Roberts, Director, Women's Resource and Research  Center
  • Catrina Wagner, Director, New Student Academic Services
  • Deb Johnson, Director, Campus Recreation
  • Jen Billeci, Director, Student Disability Services 
  • Jen Butler, Executive Director, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications
  • Kawami Evans, Executive Director, Inclusion, Culture and Belonging | Divisional DEI Strategist
  • Lindsay Romasanta, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Lisa Papagni, Assistant Director, Student Housing and Dining Services
  • Neil Huefner, Associate Director, Student Affairs Assessment
  • Sara Hawkes, Executive Director, Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers


  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Kawami Evans (co-chair), Executive Director, Inclusion, Culture and Belonging | Divisional DEI Strategist
    Lindsay Romasanta (co-chair), Chief of Staff
    Celene Aridin, ASUCD External Affairs Vice President
    Analisa Brown, Cross Cultural Center Graduate Student Resource Coordinator
    Donelle Davis, Executive Director, Business Operations and Services
    Luis Esparza, Associate Director, Internship and Career Center
    Rolaine James, Disability Specialist, Student Disability Center
    Ben Fong, Graduate Student Association President
    Allyson Francisco, ASUCD Controller
    Mateo Fuentes, Vice Chancellor Fellow at TRiO
    Jeff Heiser, Associate Director, Campus Recreation
    Neil Daniel Huefner, Associate Director, Student Affairs Assessment
    Dave Johnson, Executive Director, Human Resources
    Sergio Maciel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Fellow
    Cecily Roberts, Director, Women's Resources and Research Center
    Mary Schertzer, Director, Retail Dining
    Amy Shuman, Director, Workforce Development 
    Margaret Trout, Executive Director, Student Health and Counseling Services


Project Timeline

July - August 2023

  • Project Launch
  • Data and Document Review
  • Initial Interviews

September - November 2023

  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Staff and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Student Engagement
  • Comparative Research

December 2023

  • Data and Information Synthesis and Analysis
  • Theme Development

January - February 2024

  • Priority and Goal Setting
  • Formulation of Strategic Plan

March - May 2024

  • Implementation Planning
  • Final Strategic and Implementation Plans

June - December 2024

  • Iterative Implementation Planning