Housing and Dining

Student Housing

Living on campus is a great option for those who want to quickly integrate into the UC Davis community, enjoy the convenience of being close to classes and campus dining services, and have access to amenities including academic support, study space and on-site laundry. Student Housing and Dining Services guarantees housing to all incoming fall quarter freshmen and transfer students for their first year. In addition to providing residence halls for incoming freshmen, UC Davis provides apartment options for students in various stages of their academic careers and personal lives. 

Dining Services

Dining Services produces one of the nation’s finest collegiate dining programs, offering delicious, nutritious meals made from sustainable food sources. Campus restaurants, residential dining halls, coffee shops, markets and food truck rodeos are all available at UC Davis.

Conference Housing

Conference Housing Services offers a variety of full service, convenient and affordable on-campus housing and dining services for youth and adult groups, as well as individuals during the summer period. Whether you're looking to book a corporate or educational symposium, sports camp, or other event – UC Davis has lodging and meal plans to meet your needs, all in a beautiful campus setting!


The goals of the UC Davis Orientation program are to:

  • Support your transition into a large research university;
  • Connect you with your college and academic advising resources, including undergraduate research and internship opportunities;
  • Help you understand what it means to be a respected and respectful member of our multicultural UC Davis community by introducing you to our Principles of Community;
  • Encourage you to engage with the campus community and get involved in various clubs and organizations;
  • Guide you in finding the answers to your important questions.