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Staff Coaching and Professional Development

Our Vision

At Staff Coaching and Professional Development, our vision is to create a strengths-based culture that empowers and uplifts staff to maximize their potential.

What We Do

We empower staff to reach their maximum potential by providing:

  • Professional Development Programs
  • Specialized Workshops
  • Professional Coaching
  • Mentorship Opportunites
  • Supervision and Leadership Trainings
  • Communities of Practice

Upcoming Events

  • UC Davis Strengths Lunch Sixth Anniversary - July 10th, 12- 1 pm
  • The 2024 Student Affairs Strengths Summit - August 29th (More information coming soon)
  • Leading with Strengths - November 2024 (Applications not yet open)

Ongoing Opportunities

Apply for Professional Coaching  

Apply for a Strengths Discovery Workshop for your Team