Help Planning for Your Career

Landing a good job after college is a goal for many undergraduate students at UC Davis. Here are seven things you can do now as an undergraduate to prepare you for the job hunt:

1. Get an internship

With an internship, you can connect your classroom studies to the real world. You can try a career on for size and see if it’s a good fit, all while getting beneficial experience for your future resume and job applications.

2. Attend a career fair

The Internship and Career Center hosts several career fairs throughout the year where you can connect with employers, learn about their companies and maybe even interview with them right on the spot.

3. Check out 'Handshake'

Employers love UC Davis students so much that they share numerous job postings with us, and some even make a point of visiting campus to interview students just like you. You can search the jobs they're hiring for on Handshake. Remember to visit this site frequently because postings change often.

4. Find out What You Can Do With Your Major

UC Davis has an award-winning “What Can I Do With My Major? blog where you can learn about college majors and the careers you can pursue with them. You’ll hear from Aggie alumni about their career paths, read engaging stories and get tips about developing your career path using UC Davis’ many academic programs. The Internship and Career Center also has a robust list of possible jobs available to each major offered at UC Davis.

5. Craft a great resume

There is no one way to craft a resume but making sure yours is well-written is key for helping you land a job. Since there can be such variety and, at the same time, it is so important to get it right, getting expert advice on resume writing is super important. Fortunately, UC Davis has tons of free, online and in-person resources available to help students with this skill.  

6. Practice interviewing

Perfecting your interview skills is key for landing a job in any career field. The Internship and Career Center offers free online practice interviews through Aggie Job Link. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) also has Interview With an Aggie events where SAA members can go through a mock interview with alumni. Once you get some practice under your belt, you can sign up to meet an employer on campus.

7. Volunteer

Volunteerism can be a great way to get exposure to new projects or see if a career field is right for you. It can be especially important to volunteer at a health clinic if you are interested in pursuing a career in human or veterinary medicine.

Bonus tip:

Before you venture out into “the real world,” check out this helpful job search checklist to make sure you’ve taken all the right steps for putting your best foot forward as you look for a job.

Interested in a career in higher education, particularly within Student Affairs? Check out the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program here at UC Davis.

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