UC Davis Life

Let's Get Creative

October 07, 2018

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and dig into some creative endeavors. There are a number of places on campus that offer creative outlets and help you connect with others.

Aggie Studios

If you want to be the person who makes the next video that goes viral, join Aggie Studios. This student-run organization creates some of the most amazing videos to come out of Davis. And they are always looking for an idea, so why not yours?

8 Ways to Get Involved

September 27, 2018

At UC Davis there are so many ways for students to have fun, expand their horizons, meet other students and find their place in the Aggie family—everything from academic enrichment to recreation to community service and much more! Here are eight ways you can get involved at UC Davis:

A message from the Interim Vice Chancellor regarding the California wildfires

September 25, 2018

Dear UC Davis students,

As you know, California is currently facing its largest wildfires in state history—wildfires that have undoubtedly affected members of our campus community. It is my sincere hope that you and all of your loved ones are safe. Whether these fires have affected you directly or indirectly, events like this cause a tremendous amount of stress. I want you to know that the campus has support services for you.

Strategic Native American Retention Initiative

September 24, 2018

The Strategic Native American Retention Initiative is a multifaceted academic success program at UC Davis focused on increasing the retention, persistence and graduation rates of Native American students, in a culturally appropriate way. The goal is building connection and strengthening community, and programming is focused on academic success and resiliency. The initiative will:

Strategic Chicanx and Latinx Retention Initiative

September 24, 2018

The Strategic Chicanx Latinx Retention Initiative will support Chicanx and Latinx student success at UC Davis by implementing the following priorities:

1. Implement strategies that will support retention, persistence and graduation rates for Chicanx and Latinx students. Develop and engage in best practices that promote students' academic achievement by addressing financial barriers, academic difficulty, parental involvement, sense of belonging and the training of faculty and staff.

Strategic African American Retention Initiative

September 24, 2018

Student Affairs is proud to lead the Strategic African American Retention Initiative at UC Davis, which is focused on enhancing the outreach, recruitment and retention efforts for African and African American students at UC Davis.

In pursuit of increasing and enhancing the presence of African and African American undergraduate students at on campus, UC Davis is taking a three-fold approach: