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There's a Map for That!

At UC Davis, did you know that there’s a map for that? On campus, almost everything you can think of has one! Whether it’s nap spots, water stations or menstrual products, you can find them with the help of an accessible, online campus map. Keep reading to see what you can find!

8 Steps to Quarter System Success

The beginning of a new school year can be a whirlwind, and the quarter system guarantees things move fast. Before you know it, it’s midterms—not long after that, finals. If this is how it’s feeling, here are some tips to help you thrive and enjoy student life, avoid burnout and get in tune with the pace of the UC Davis academic quarter.

Welcome Aggies! A Message From UC Davis Student Affairs

Dear Students,

I am happy to welcome you to the 2023-24 academic year. I hope you are full of excitement as you embark on a new year at UC Davis. The start of a new academic year is a time of beginnings, opportunities and growth. It's also a time to embrace new challenges, make new friends and discover your potential. As you settle into your classes and academic pursuits, I want to take a moment to introduce you to an integral part of your university experience—the Division of Student Affairs.

Biking Need-to-Knows and New Spin Rentables

If there’s one constant on the UC Davis campus, it’s bikes! With the start of every new school year comes the need to review the key rules, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your biking experience here at Davis.

New this year is the campus partnership with Spin, a San Francisco-based company that provides various cities and campuses with rentable electric bikes and scooters.

Equity and Access

Picture this: You just arrived at UC Davis as an undergraduate student, the first in your family to attend college. You’re at the campus bookstore with $100 in your pocket, which your mom saved up to help you pay for your textbooks. You look through the titles for your Aerospace Engineering major and realize you can’t even afford a single book. You decide to switch to a major with cheaper textbooks.

7 Aggie Traditions You May or May Not Know About

Did you know that you can earn a graduation medal for completing 48 UC Davis traditions? Created by the One Aggie Network, a group that connects UC Davis alumni of all kinds, this challenge includes classics like visiting the cows as well as lesser-known gems like enjoying UC Davis olive oil! 

Crossing Guards to Help Address Silo Crosswalk Congestion

Starting this week, two crossing guards in fluorescent yellow vests will be standing amidst the hustle and bustle on the stretch of Hutchison Drive between the Silo and the Teaching and Learning Complex. A crossing guard will be present at the entry and exit to the Silo bus terminal between 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday on days when classes are held, through the end of the academic year. They began Monday.

7 Places to Find Academic Support on Campus

Quarter system got you down? Need some help getting through those midterm tests and 5-page papers? There’s no shame in asking for help. Luckily, resources are abundant on campus! From drop-in tutoring to cultural and academic success centers to success coaching, UC Davis has you covered. 

Joint Statement: Artwork Vandalism at the Cross Cultural Center

Dear Community,

We were informed Wednesday that the art piece Queer Muslim Pride displayed in the Cross Cultural Center was stolen, vandalized and discarded outside of the Student Community Center. This is part of The Third Muslim Queer and Trans* Muslim Narratives of Resistance and Resilience. The CCC will continue to support the Queer Muslim Community and invites the campus to learn more about the organization and their art campaign.

How to Self-Care (feat. the Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors)

As we get back into the swing of a new school year, self-care is more important than ever! Luckily, UC Davis has just launched Aggie Mental Health, a campuswide mental health and well-being initiative. A key part of the program is the introduction of the Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors, fellow UC Davis students who are working to spread the word. Find them at big events or at resource center pop-ups to learn about mental health resources or simply to chat with a peer! We asked the Ambassadors about their personal self-care practices, so keep reading to find out what self-care means to them and pick up some tips along the way!

Are You Ready to Vote?

Election Day is coming up—make sure you're ready to vote with this step-by-step guide!