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Q&A: Meet Pablo G. Reguerín

The new vice chancellor for Student Affairs is Bolivia-born, Bay Area-raised and brings a vast and varied experience as a scholar-practitioner to UC Davis and the Division of Student Affairs.

7 Places to Find Academic Support on Campus

Quarter system got you down? Need some help getting through those midterm tests and 5-page papers? There’s no shame in asking for help. Luckily, resources are abundant on campus! From drop-in tutoring to cultural and academic success centers to success coaching, UC Davis has you covered. 

Joint Statement: Artwork Vandalism at the Cross Cultural Center

Dear Community,

We were informed Wednesday that the art piece Queer Muslim Pride displayed in the Cross Cultural Center was stolen, vandalized and discarded outside of the Student Community Center. This is part of The Third Muslim Queer and Trans* Muslim Narratives of Resitance and Resilience. The CCC will continue to support the Queer Muslim Community and invites the campus to learn more about the organization and their art campaign.

How to Self-Care (feat. the Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors)

As we get back into the swing of a new school year, self-care is more important than ever! Luckily, UC Davis has just launched Aggie Mental Health, a campuswide mental health and well-being initiative. A key part of the program is the introduction of the Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors, fellow UC Davis students who are working to spread the word. Find them at big events or at resource center pop-ups to learn about mental health resources or simply to chat with a peer! We asked the Ambassadors about their personal self-care practices, so keep reading to find out what self-care means to them and pick up some tips along the way!

Are You Ready to Vote?

Election Day is coming up—make sure you're ready to vote with this step-by-step guide!

Message from Student Affairs on Reproductive Healthcare Services

UPDATED June 24, 2022

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today is gravely concerning and antithetical to the University of California’s mission and values. We affirm that our students' reproductive health options in the state of California will remain the same and Student Health and Wellness Center (SHCS) is committed to providing affordable and convenient access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. An overview of the current and future services offered at SHCS is available below in our June 3 message to students. 

UC Davis Campus and Student Leadership Asks Congress to Double the Pell

Dear UC Davis Community,

On behalf of campus and student leadership at the University of California, Davis, we write to affirm our support of the University of California and UC Student Association’s Double the Pell effort. Pell Grants are the primary way that the federal government helps low-income students afford college, and this vital program was started to ensure that anyone who wants to earn a college degree could do so.

Struggle, Progress and Paint: The Surprising Story of the MU Patio Mural

Ever notice the 20-foot-tall mural on the south side of the Memorial Union? Learn about the surprising story of The Unfinished Dream mural in a short video featuring the artists; an article tracing its connection to a student hunger strike and relationship with other campus art; and discover who the people and objects depicted in it are in an updated mural key.

5 Underrated UC Davis Gems

You wouldn't think llamas, telescopes and a rock garden would have much in common, but they're all things you may have missed at UC Davis! Keep scrolling for details on all these underrated campus highlights and more.

1. Moo-re Than Just Cows

We all know and love the Tercero cows, but do you know all the other animals here at UC Davis? 

Key to the Objects in The Unfinished Dream Mural

Pinch to zoom 🔎 Key
  1. Hermes, deity from ancient Greek religion.
  2. American eagle, representative of Native American culture.
  3. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, from pre-Columbian Mexico.
  4. Nefertiti, Egyptian queen whose reign brought social change.
  5. Mask, from the Sepik River region of New Guinea.
  6. Chinese demigod that guards the sacred temple from evil, and representative of ancient Chinese culture.
  7. Coatlic

An Insider's Guide to Picnic Day 2022, With Student Chair Amanda Portier

Spring has sprung, and that means Picnic Day is just around the corner! This always-anticipated event is back in person for its 108th run after two years online, ready to welcome a whole host of Aggies who have never attended Picnic Day on campus. Featuring an insider’s perspective from Student Chair Amanda Portier, this guide is here to help prepare the newbies and remind the veterans. Scroll through for planning advice, safety tips and event info!

Joint Statement from the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Reaffirming Denouncement of Antisemitism

UC Davis recently became aware of a zoom-bombing incident on Feb. 10 during a remote presentation by Israeli chemist, Sason Shaik. Professor Shaik, a chemistry professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was giving a virtual talk for students at UC Davis and the University of Houston when outside parties joined the call and began broadcasting antisemitic messages. The virtual “Theoretical Physical Organic Chemistry” (TPOC) symposium was organized by faculty from both universities.