Bike lanes on campus
(UC Davis/Gregory Urquiaga)

The Do's and Don'ts of Biking on Campus

Davis is one of the top bicycling cities in the country, but navigating roundabouts, passing and mixed bike and pedestrian traffic across campus can be a bit daunting if you’re not clear on the do’s and don’ts.

Check out the handy tips below, and bike safely, Aggies! 

When you're biking on campus, DO:


  • Stay alert! Lots of (new and experienced) cyclists, pedestrians and construction on campus. Be aware of people around you to stay safe.

  • Ride in a straight line. If you're weaving around, it is difficult for others to predict where you are going. Riding in a straight line also allows other cyclists to safely pass without fear of a sideswipe.

  • Wear a helmet. You paid all that tuition—protect your investment (your brain)—and avoid serious injury.

  • Yield to pedestrians or bikes already in traffic circles. Being a responsible cyclist also means giving pedestrians the right of way and sharing the road with your fellow cyclists.

  • Pass only when safe, only on the left, and only after announcing. "On your left!" is a good phrase to call out to alert a fellow cyclist that you're about to pass.
Bikes in front of Shields Library
(UC Davis/Gregory Urquiaga)

When you're biking on campus, DON'T:


  • Hold your phone when you ride. Always have both hands free to control your bike. Did you know that your phone can fit in your pocket or backpack and that it will still be there when you arrive to your destination? We know it sounds cray, but TikTok and FaceTiming are also available when you're NOT on your bike and barreling through a pedestrian-heavy crosswalk. 

  • Ride on the wrong side of the road. Stay to the right unless passing. As a cyclist, you must adhere to similar rules as a vehicle. Those rules don't go away when you're on campus.

  • Bob and weave. Bobbing and weaving is an excellent technique for evading an alligator, but it's pure chaos on the road.

  • Use headphones when riding. Always leave an ear free. At least leave one ear "open" to be able to hear your surroundings (remember to stay alert).

  • Ride with excessive speed. Sloooooowwww dowwwwwn! There's a 15-mph speed limit on campus, which is plenty fast. Do your part—ride slower and work together to get everyone where they need to get, safely.

Find out more about bicycle safety on campus at Transportation Services' Bicycle Education, Advice & Theft Prevention webpage.

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