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Navigating Menstrual Equity With the New Campus Menstrual Supplies Dispenser Map

Did you know that 23 (and counting) UC Davis bathrooms now have free menstrual products available to all students? Whether you menstruate or not, you definitely know an Aggie who does!

Menstrual health has become an increasingly important topic of discussion, especially on college campuses. With the 2021 passing of California State Assembly Bill 367, also known as the Menstrual Equity for All Act, CSUs and community colleges across the state were newly required to stock free menstrual products for students at at least one central location per campus. The bill encouraged UCs and private universities to follow suit. Students in particular often face struggles related to menstruating, whether it’s not being able to find a menstrual product when needed or being “period shamed” by peers. In an effort to combat issues like “period poverty,” a lack of access to menstrual products and education, UC Davis campus groups like Davis Period, The Pantry, as well the Menstrual Equity Task Force, which includes faculty and staff, have spent the last few years working toward bringing free period products to locations across campus. 

Dispensers with free pads and tampons are now available in 23 campus bathrooms, so check out the “Menstrual Products” section of the UC Davis Sexcess Map to see exactly where you can find them! The products can be found in various women’s restrooms, as well as the gender-neutral restrooms in the Art Building, Chemistry Hall, the Earth and Physical Sciences building, Kemper Hall, the MU and the SCC. Future locations (such as King Hall and the Mondavi Center) are already planned. 

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Icons represent campus restrooms with a free menstrual product dispenser.


Closer to a center than a dispenser? The Women’s Resources and Research Center, the Pantry and the Love Lab all stock free period products as well. 

To learn more about menstruation in general, visit the Student Health and Counseling Services “Menstrual Health” page. Follow the Davis Period Instagram for educational resources and events like DIY pad-making workshops and hygiene drives! 

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