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Student Affairs 2021 Retirees

This year the Division of Student Affairs said farewell to some wonderful employees who have bettered the Aggie community through their service to UC Davis! We thank each retiree for their years of service, commitment and dedication to making the university the best it can be every day. We will miss them and wish them nothing but success and happiness in their future endeavors. Congratulations to our 2021 retirees!

Tinna McCalister

Tinna McCalister

Assistant Manager, Student Housing and Dining Services
20 years at UC Davis

What is your fondest memory from your time at UC Davis?
This winning combination of doing what I love with people I have enjoyed has made for a rewarding experience here at UC Davis.

What are you going to miss most about campus?
I enjoyed the atmosphere at UC Davis. It was like walking around Disneyland. Everything is always clean and picked up.

What is the most surprising or unexpected thing that has happened in your career at UC Davis?
Watching how the university has evolved during the years. Things are always changing and the trajectory is always for the better.

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  • What are you looking forward to in retirement?
    I am looking forward to family time. I will be spending all of my free time with family and my grandchildren.

    Employment Highlights
    I am grateful for the 20-year career I have had at UC Davis, all within the Student Housing and Dining Services department. For the great people with whom I have worked, and for the opportunity I have had to contribute to the administrative side of getting things done for the staff and students within Student Affairs.

    I have worked 10 years with talented colleagues to create a welcoming experience through our summer Conferencing Program. It has also been enjoyable working alongside our own UC Davis students during the summer months.

    This winning combination of doing what I love with people I have enjoyed has made for a rewarding experience here at UC Davis.

Trish Ramos

Patricia "Trish" Ramos (she/her)

Executive Assistant, Student Health and Counseling Services
37 years at UC Davis

What is your fondest memory from your time at UC Davis?
Bringing my daughter to summer camps on campus (Craft Center/MU/Basketball Camp).

What are you going to miss most about campus?
The beautiful, different outdoor spaces to walk and enjoy during breaks and lunches. However, I still plan to visit the Arboretum for walks. I will miss the professional, health and wellness and social activities the campus community has to offer. 

What is the most surprising or unexpected thing that has happened in your career at UC Davis?
Definitely the COVID pandemic and how it changed our working environments; the socially distancing and loss of gatherings.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?
Travel and more time with family.

Nan Senzaki

Nan Senzaki

Counseling Therapist, Student Health and Counseling Services
21 years at UC Davis (34 years with UC)

What are you going to miss most about campus?
Daily walks in the Arboretum, seeing excited, energetic and hopeful first-year students on campus (fall Orientation/welcome events) and the inspiration they bring to all of us. And of course my "tribe" of colleagues who contributed and created a sense of community.

What is the most surprising or unexpected thing that has happened in your career at UC Davis?
It's hard to pick one "thing," however, I have had former students now in careers as staff, faculty, grad students and in responsible positions in the community reach out spontaneously to say "hi," visit, email and share how they are now. It brings me great joy to know they are thriving!  Many are in their 30s and mid-life, and it's mind-blowing! Am I really THAT old?

What are you looking forward to in retirement?
Continuing to grow, having new adventures, self discoveries and spontaneous joy! And, not having to be anywhere in particular if I choose.

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  • What is your fondest memory from your time at UC Davis?
    There are so many! Coordinating and facilitating our Multicultural Immersion Program intergroup student dialogues promoting diversity and inclusion. The opportunity to serve with representatives of all our UC campuses in collaboration with community members on a UCOP Campus Climate and Inclusion Committee. It provided a platform for students, staff and faculty to express concerns and advisement to then UCOP President Yudof on issues of diversity and inclusion. One of our meetings provided the opportunity to meet with then UCI Chancellor Drake to discuss campus conflicts and engagement with Jewish and Palestinian organizations. The lived experiences in our campus communities since I began with UCLA in 1987 and the first Student Affairs Diversity workgroup reminds me how much we have accomplished, yet how much work still exists. We are revisiting many of the same issues today. Assisting in campus mental health involving the LA uprising/riots, 9/11, the UCSB tragedy, UC Davis pepper spraying, Picnic Day crisis, the pandemic ... are not fond memories. However, the "fondest" part is how our communities came together in crisis to support healing. These are the themes of my fondest memories; the shadow warriors dedicated to social justice, community building, the many collaborations between campus constituents and the larger community. I would not have persevered without wonderful colleagues and students. I want to express my appreciation to all of you who have contributed to my fulfilling time with UC and UC Davis and who continue to passionately and compassionately promote the Principles of Community often beyond your work duties.

    Employment Highlights
    Soaring to New Heights Award, current member of our Campus Climate and Diversity Committee, member of our Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA), former representative of UCOP Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion Committee. My entire career at UCLA and UC Davis has been as a Clinical Social Worker/Counseling and Psychological Services staff providing mental health services with an emphasis on underrepresented students. I also was Coordinator of the Multicultural Immersion Program at UC Davis/Counseling Services. Prior to arriving at UCLA and transferring to UC Davis, I worked for 8+ years in San Francisco Community Mental Health.

    Supervisor Comments from Katie Cougevan, Clinical Director for Counseling Services
    Nan has provided exceptional services for the UC Davis Campus since her hire here in the year 2000. In addition to her tireless commitment to serving students in her clinical role, she has been a longstanding committee member on task forces related to campus climate, substance abuse, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and her increasing visibility to our API students to reduce the stigma of seeking services. Nan was the co-leader and trainer of a very popular group on campus that assisted students in reducing struggles with social anxiety and interactions. She was so committed to this group continuing after her departure, that she took the time to train staff on the Social Anxiety group components and didactics in order to ensure ongoing student support. Nan also greatly benefitted the trainees at the center through her expertise and many training seminars. She actively promoted ideas of balance and work-life wellness in these seminars, and trainees always had positive feedback. Nan is our staff member who always sent out encouraging statements, social justice awareness issues and reminders to staff about ways to seek wellness—this will be missed.

    In addition, Nan was a social justice-minded clinician and always contributed her thoughts in ways that could lead to our campus systems exploring better communication and empowerment. If you review her history at UC Davis, you will see not only dedicated hours to our student population but many university awards for her dedication and services around specific campus endeavors.

    Nan will be greatly missed at Counseling Services. She is beloved by clients, trainees and staff here at our center. We are excited for her with her next life adventures, and even with our loss at the center, we wish her the best in next steps!

Also Retiring in 2021... Department Years of Service at UC Davis
Edward Andrade ASUCD Dining Services 20 years
Gail Bimson Student Health and Counseling Services 30 years
Don Dudley Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs 28 years 
Kerry Marquez UC Davis Stores 32 years
Lanette Olsen Internship and Career Center 30 years
Evangeline Padilla ASUCD 25 years
Miguel Perez Student Housing and Dining Services

19 years

Robert St. Cyr ASUCD Bike Barn 24 years
Mary Testa UC Davis Stores 20 years