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There's a Map for That!

At UC Davis, did you know that there’s a map for that? On campus, almost everything you can think of has one! Whether it’s nap spots, water stations or menstrual products, you can find them with the help of an accessible, online campus map. Keep reading to see what you can find!

1. The Campus Map

This classic campus map allows easy navigation of our extensive campus, including the School of Veterinary Medicine and West Village. It clearly states building and campus street names to make it easy for students to see where they are and where they need to go. Aside from buildings and parking areas, this map also has toggle options for gender-inclusive restrooms, edible gardens, Putah Creek Reserve Trailheads and more! 


2. The Nap Map

An Aggie favorite, the Nap Map outlines the best places to snooze as well as the best places to take a pause before jetting off to your next class! Click on each cow-marked location to see more details, including ambiance and how to access it.


3. The Food Access Map

Use this Food Access Map to find food and food resources on campus and in the larger Davis community. Filter by free food and resources, vending machines, EBT locations and more! Save the map to your Google account for easy access. 


4. The H2O Station Map

If you’re always looking for a place on campus to refill your water bottle, this hydration map will let you know where your closest water refill station is! Click on each location to see exactly how many stations are available, where they are and how to get there.


5. The Sexcess Map

Check out the Sexcess Map to find free sexual health resources, birth control and pregnancy tests, where you can get tested and more. This map also shows where you can access free menstrual products on campus! Click each location to see what products are offered and in which bathrooms. 


6. The Physical Activity Map

Use this Physical Activity Map to find movement you enjoy on campus or in the community, whether you want to walk, run, dance, bike or play! Check out gyms, tracks and golf courses, as well as nearby parks and hiking trails. 


7. The Mental Health Map

Made by Aggies for Aggies, this Mental Health Map shows all of the physical locations on campus related to mental health. This includes counseling services, basic needs and student advocacy!


8. The Campus Road Closures Map

Have you ever wished you could know the day’s campus road closures and construction sites before coming to campus? The Campus Road Closures Map shows road closures, detour signs and construction zones, as well as when they started and when they’re ending. 


9. The Fun Maps

If you’re looking for some Aggie entertainment, check out this Aggies in Love Map! Look through sweet submitted stories about how people met their future partner, pet or passion on campus or in Davis. This Soil Map is perfect for those science-inclined readers who are interested in the dirt beneath their feet! If maps are your passion, stop by Shields Library online or in-person to look through their research-level collection of print and digital maps, including historic topography, California road maps and nautical charts.


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About the author

Robin Dewis, a fourth-year English and Medieval Studies major, is the editorial and content creation assistant at Student Affairs Marketing and Communications.