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10 Punny UC Davis Valentine’s to Download and Share

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 10 shareable Valentine's cards!

These UC Davis-themed pick-up lines will help you spread the love to whomever you choose, whether it’s a special someone, your favorite professor or the best friend you ever could’ve asked for.

The cards are optimized for Instagram stories, but share them anywhere:

Left click (or press down on the screen on mobile) to open the image in Google Drive and download to your device.

You can also see (and download) all 10 Valentine’s Day cards in one place by navigating to this folder on Drive.


If the Arboretum is one of your favorite places on campus, this one is for you! Let the card do the talking, and soon you'll be walking in love amongst the ducks, the fish and the redwoods. 


Who could refuse a Cheeto-themed Valentine? Save this card for the right meow-ment; surprise your friends and family with some much-needed and always-appreciated campus cat love!

Valentine's Day Arboretum card


Valentine's Day Cheeto card




This CoHo-specific card is short and sweet (like their pastries). A classic campus hotspot, it's the perfect place to grab a drink and a bite to eat in the company of your choice!


Express your feelings with this Chancellor in shining armor, and you May very well win the recipient's heart! Download this striking Valentine and share it with someone special.

Valentine's Day CoHo card


Valentine's Day Gary May card




When you're professing your love, there's no one better to enlist than Gunrock. Let that passion flow through you as you send this card off, bringing joy to your loved ones!


Our brave campus squirrels are just the inspiration you need to go out and find the love that you want! Whether it's romantic, familial or platonic, this card will be there when you can't find the words.

Valentine's Day Gunrock card


Valentine's Day squirrel card




This playful cow pun is the perfect way to let that special Aggie know you’re thinking of them! Download this card to show to your favorite cow at Tercero (if they’re in the mooood for it!).


Masks are a part of our lives during the pandemic, but nothing is powerful enough to stop your love! Send this card to someone who needs a laugh and a friend right about now.

Valentine's Day cow card


Valentine's Day mask card




Have you been trying to find your perfect permanent counterpart? Put yourself in the shoes of a Yin & Yang Egghead for the day and find your opposite but complementary work of art!


This one goes out to the student drivers who keep Unitrans running! The U line exists only in this pickup line, but using this card will show you it's no less effective in getting you where you want to go.

Valentine's Day Yin and Yang egghead card


Valentine's Day Unitrans card




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