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10 Punny UC Davis Valentines to Download and Share

We heard the love last year, so celebrate this year's Valentine’s Day with 10 more shareable Valentine's cards! These UC Davis-themed pick-up lines will help you spread the love to whomever you choose, whether it’s a special someone, your study group or the best friend you ever could’ve asked for.

The cards are optimized for Instagram stories, but share them anywhere:

  • Left click (or press down on the screen on mobile) to open the image in Google Drive and download to your device.
  • You can also see (and download) all 10 Valentine’s Day cards in one place by navigating to this folder on Google Drive.


Do you and your loved ones share an affinity for a certain prickly plant? Give them this card by the cactus patch outside the Student Community Center and watch them bloom with joy!


This poultry-minded line has a double meaning for us Aggies, so you’re covered whether you like the agriculture or the art! Send this to your most animal-loving, Egghead-finding friend.

Valentines 2023 - Cactus


Valentines 2023 - Egg




This card is classic, comfortable and frequently revisited, much like the endless coffee options on campus. Download this Valentine to prove you love the recipients more than caffeine!


Join in some bovine banter this Valentine’s Day to catch the eye of that special someone. Aggies can’t resist a good cow pun, so with this card you’re as good as gold!

Valentines 2023 - Latte


Two cows eat grass, above them is text over an sunset background that says "I'm in the mooood for you!"




Just as our campus ducks provide endless entertainment, so does your favorite person! Use this card to let them know that even with hundreds of other ducks in the pond, they’re the only one for you.


No matter what wheels you use to get around Davis, this card is for you! Explore town with that special someone as you bike, skate, scooter or drive your way into their heart.

Valentines 2023 -  Quack


Valentines 2023 - Roll




If you’re looking to score a date to the Manetti Shrem, use this card to let a fellow art-lover know that they’d fit right into the museum’s newest winter season. You’ll be painting the town with them in no time!


Whether you’re looking from the top of the Hutchison Parking Structure or at your very own apartment, the Davis night sky rarely disappoints. Give this card to someone who makes your whole world shimmer!

Valentines 2023 - Shrem


Valentines 2023 - Stargazing




Chancellor May is back by popular demand to help you secure a Valentine for that special day! If nerves have got you down, let the Chancellor and his Aggie spirit do the talking.


Big Unitrans fan? Whether you’re a driver or passenger, you can use this card to start a new journey with someone special. Or use it to show your appreciation for your fellow users of public transportation!

Valentines 2023 - Gary May


Valentines 2023 - Unitrans





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