Decorative image with the valentine card designs

UC Davis Valentines to Download and Share

We heard the love last year, so celebrate this year's Valentine’s Day with even more shareable Valentine's cards! These UC Davis-themed pick-up lines will help you spread the love, whether it’s a special someone, your study group or your best friends.

The cards are optimized for Instagram stories, but share them anywhere:

  • Left click (or press down on the screen on mobile) to open the image in Google Drive and download to your device.
  • You can also see (and download) all of the Valentine’s Day cards in one place by navigating to this folder on Google Drive.






About the author

Robin Dewis, a fourth-year English and medieval studies major, is the editorial and content creation assistant at Student Affairs Marketing and Communications.

About the designers 

Agnes Aragones, a third-year design major, Vineela Donthi, a fourth-year design and managerial economics major, Carmen Flores, a fourth-year design major and Megan Hooper, a fourth-year design major, are designers at Student Affairs Marketing and Communications.