Be Prepared for Weather-Related Events

Dear Students,

As we enter peak wildfire season, we want to share some important resources to help you be prepared and stay informed. Since weather-related events or the recent planned outages can be unpredictable, it is critical to make a plan while it’s calm.


UC Davis – both the Davis and Sacramento campuses – will rely upon the WarnMe notification system to provide timely updates in an emergency, and sometimes when a severe threat exists (i.e., red flag warning). Check your information to make sure it’s current. We recently sent a test message on October 16 and alert on October 27 through WarnMe. If you did not receive these messages, please make sure to connect to the system as soon as possible. Please note that parents and others without a email account can subscribe to receive by text only messages sent by the Davis campus.

Additional UC Davis Resources for Information and Updates

  • UC Davis Wildfire Season Weather Impacts Website ­­– this website serves as an information hub regarding weather-related events that may impact campus. It provides timely updates in the alerts area on the homepage and access to other relevant resources, such as fire threat maps and power outage details.
  • UC Davis Social Media Channels – social media is an important communication tool for the campus to disseminate information. We encourage you to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as an additional way to stay informed.
  • FAQs About Coursework when Classes Are Canceled – the FAQs are intended to serve as guidelines both when classes are canceled due to a change in campus operating status and after classes resume.

Other Related Resources

The safety and security of our students and the entire UC Davis community is our top priority. Building upon our experience with the unprecedented smoke closures last year, we have worked to enhance our response systems, created a new UC Davis policy for the Davis and Sacramento campuses intended to guide decisions during such events and the UC Office of the President recently published an AQI-based decision matrix that provides additional guidelines.

We are proud of the way our community came together to offer resources and support throughout the difficult smoke closure. We encourage you to take some time now to ensure you are connected to key information sources, develop a personal emergency plan and continue to look out for one another during times of need.

Emily Galindo
Interim Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs