#AggieVoices: Winter and Spring Quarter 2021

 #AggieVoices is a photo series on the UC Davis Life Instagram (@ucdavis.life) featuring personal anecdotes and experiences from UC Davis students. We want to highlight and celebrate every member of our community and make their voice heard!

Meet the students featured this winter and spring (along with some of their furry friends) and learn how they've found friendship and community as Aggies.

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Judith Eppele, Environmental Science and Management '22⁣ 

Judith Eppele


Has anyone made a major impact on your time here at Davis?⁣ ⁣

"My friend Sarah has been my go-to since I met her at Orientation. We've taken a class together every quarter so far, and through that time she's been such a help to me academically and mentally. I know I can always count on her to make me smile or help me out when I'm having trouble understanding a difficult concept in class. She's also one of the hardest workers I know, and puts her all into everything she does. Sarah inspires me to be the best I can be, and I count myself lucky to have her in my life. Everyone should have a friend like Sarah!"⁣

Reilly Filter, Communications & Psychology '21

Reilly Filter


What was the nicest thing someone has done for you on campus?⁣ ⁣

"My freshman fall, I got a job in the Athletics Department working as a student events and facilities assistant. I had a shift at the football stadium a few days before a home game, and I was scrubbing the bleachers. The head football coach, Dan Hawkins, happened to be sitting in the stands. When I finished cleaning, he introduced himself and thanked me for being so diligent. He told me that if I put that much effort into everything I did, I would be successful. As a homesick freshman, this compliment put me at ease. This introduction led to my internship with the football program, which allowed me to make several connections within the Athletics Department. I have Coach Hawk to thank for an incredible four years at UC Davis, and I highly suggest taking the time to introduce yourself to him!" ⁣

Mia Fagan, Cognitive Science '22

Mia Fagan


How did you find your community at UC Davis?

"I joined Lambda Omicron Xi, the community service sorority here! I am now a recruitment chair for the organization. It helped me get involved in the community and make new friends."

What is a piece of advice you would give someone coming to UC Davis?

"Try and enjoy every moment, even the tough ones, because you’ll look back and wonder how it all went by so fast!"

Sara Walter, Computer Science '24 (pictured with Opie)

Sarah Walter and her horse, Opie


What was the nicest thing someone has done for you on campus?

"The nicest thing someone has done for me (virtually) was stay up till 3 a.m. helping me with Computer Science homework, and eating ice cream with me when neither of us could figure it out!"

What was the happiest moment in your life?

"The happiest moment of my life was when I got my first horse, Opie! He has been a rockstar in my life. I hope to be able to get another horse when I'm up at Davis."


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