Aggie Voices

At UC Davis, we travel on bikes and live in domes. We race dachshunds. We nap in hammocks and study next to Eggheads. We parade in our pajamas and are one of the top universities in the country. We celebrate individual expression and still make everyone feel like they are part of the Aggie family.

We in the Division of Student Affairs love to hear about how UC Davis students discover more about themselves during their time at UC Davis and find their place in the UC Davis community.

Share your story

To share your story, or nominate someone else to share theirs, fill out the Aggie Voices nomination form.

With that in mind, we invite you to share your story with us. We are looking for first-person stories, 500–800 words in length, that detail one specific aspect of the UC Davis student experience that made a difference in your life.

Selected stories will be featured on the Division of Student Affairs website and possibly other communication channels throughout the university (with the express consent of the student).

Each shared story helps create a richer picture of life at UC Davis and inspires the campus community, so thank you in advance for sharing your story with us!

Aggie Voices

Neha Gondra

Meet Neha, a second-year and student EMT with the UC Davis Fire Department! She works to respond to 911 calls, run health outreach fairs and learn practical patient care for a future career in healthcare.

Abi Ibarra-Iglesias

Meet Abi, third-year Psychology and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies double major and Aggie Mental Health Ambassador! They’re working to increase mental health awareness at UC Davis, reaching out and sharing resources with fellow Aggies across campus.

Ashley Chan

This past summer, third-year Political Science major Ashley Chan was selected to participate in a reproductive rights roundtable hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris alongside student leaders from 33 states.

Cameron Evans

Meet Cameron—third-year Human Development major and Student Manager at the Craft Center! Learn about the center from Cameron in the video below—made by Aggies, for Aggies.

Jason Kwan

Meet Jason—fourth-year Psychology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry double major and Director of the ASUCD Pantry! Learn about Jason in the Aggie Voices video below—made by Aggies, for Aggies.

Lauren Smith

Meet Lauren—third-year Political Science and Communication major, ASUCD senator, sorority sister and the first student to be featured in the new Aggie Voices video series—sharing remarkable student stories—by Aggies, for Aggies.

#AggieVoices: Winter and Spring Quarter 2021

 #AggieVoices is a photo series on the UC Davis Life Instagram ( featuring personal anecdotes and experiences from UC Davis students.

Roshni Desai

Fourth-year Roshni Desai stays busy checking symptom surveys at the Silo, promoting online mental health resources with Each Aggie Matters and joining forces with students near and far to support global health. But her secret to doing it all is simpler than you may think.

Hatim Saifee

Meet Hatim Saifee, a second-year with a passion for social justice and community building. Learn how Hatim joined a dance club during sunset at Hutch, their advice for growing friendships and how they advocate for gender equity with the WRRC.

Faith Oladimeji

Find out about third-year Faith’s transcontinental name mix-up, her student life and her role helping connect Aggies to basic needs.

Michael Petris

Learn how third-year Michael conducts more than just music—and what made the summer of 2019 the best summer of his life.

Tia Settanni

Find out about second-year Tia’s YouTube journey, her campus internships and finding friends at UC Davis.

Dani Contreras

Read about second-year Dani’s academic comeback and how they found their “base camp” at UC Davis.

Nicole Arteaga

Learn about Nicole's switch from studying science to graphic design, an unexpected leadership role that pushed her to grow in many ways and her work as a designer for Student Affairs Marketing and Communications.

Jeremy Dang

Jeremy is a storyteller at heart—and from the children's book he wrote and illustrated, to his work with Picnic Day and his study abroad experiences, now he's sharing his own story.