Social Justice and Inclusion Award

The Social Justice and Inclusion Award honors the graduating student of any gender who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to social justice in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service. This award will honor a student who has served as a change agent and made a tangible impact on the university community promoting equity and inclusion.

  • The recipient of the Social Justice and Inclusion Award receives $1,000. The nomination process starts during winter quarter.
  • Selection criteria and nominee requirements: 
    • A student's overall contribution to the campus and community is the primary criterion considered. Nominees should be widely recognized as leaders held in high esteem by other students. They must have made a significant contribution through participation in university or community service. Evidence of socially responsible, ethical and outstanding leadership, either in specific positions of responsibility or while engaged in service activities, are indicators of a nominee's qualifications for the award. Self-nominations are accepted.
    • Must graduate by the end of summer sessions.
    • Must have attended UC Davis for at least two academic years.
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and not be on academic probation at end of fall quarter.

This award is recognized at the annual spring commencement ceremony.